On Dr Niels Harrit’s presentation of 9/11 related evidence before a Danish court

How can anyone within reach of the internet not have seen the video of WTC7’s implosion WTC7’s implosion at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11 by now?¬†Yet this is what we hear from many people. I’m sure it is true to some degree. They must all have their heads very well hidden from reality.The sad reality is that our neighbors and loved ones are a greater threat than the deep state, because it is there

Is this interviewer blind? Fires cause gradual deformations, not freefalling/near-freefalling imploding and exploding (through their vertical axes) steel-framed skyscrapers. Clearly, neither he, nor those Danish judges, have bothered to look very closely at the most basic facts. How could they pretend to know anything about it yet deny the inescapable implications of all this data, and still expect to be taken seriously.

There is a literal mountain of well-documented and mutually supportive facts that make the official accounts of what happened to those buildings impossible. These include minute spheres of elemental iron, so prevalent that RJ Lee labeled them a ‘signature component’ of WTC dust. They make up just under 6% of the dust, a huge number. These, among numerous other strands of evidence, are direct forensic evidence of the use of thermite/thermate. There is also ample video and witness accounts of molten steel and iron at all three sites. There are thermal images taken by NASA, as well as by Bechtel’s daily helicopter flights that took surface temperature readings of the three sites, and all show extreme temperatures (up to 2800f) even weeks later. This is far above what any uncontrolled hydrocarbon fire could produce. That the fires could not be put out for 100 days is also concordant with the use of thermite because the stuff burns even underwater. The words ‘..that liquefied the steel’ are in the FEMA BPAT Appendix C.

All but the most robust metallic elements in the towers were pulverized, and their destruction exhibited explosive horizontal ejections so powerful they blasted massive multi-ton sections of core and perimeter columns for hundreds of feet in every direction, embedding some of them into the facades of neighboring buildings. 1120 people that were in the towers that morning remain ‘unaccounted for’ to this day.

It is more than a little difficult to believe the Danish judges, or anyone with even a remote interest in the subject, could remain ignorant of such a vast preponderance of evidence. The silence from the so-called ‘progressive left’ has been deafening. People like Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Matt Taibbi, Rachel Maddow, Jeremy Schaill, Glenn Greenwald, -who told Luke Rudkowski, (in one of Luke’s short but brilliant, candid on-the-spot street interviews), the work he is doing ‘is very important.’ Yet Greenwald himself continues to remain silent on the matter when it comes to his own ability to speak out publicly. Even Julian Assange had disparaging words to say about ‘911 conspiracy theories.’ So what can we make of this?

The most obvious conclusion is that speaking out about 911/Anthrax Truth has become a kind of litmus test that enables us to identify legitimate journalists from those who use their voices to shield the perpetrators of these crimes, even if it is only through their silence. If a journalist does not have the courage to speak publicly about the watershed event of our time, events that future historians may well mark as the starting point of World War III, how can we take them seriously? As if anyone could convincingly pretend that the evidence is anything but conclusive.

That something so unprecedented, far-reaching and horrific can, 14 years on, remain so effectively hidden in plain sight, (never even having been properly investigated by a regulatory agency), at the very least, reveals the degree to which we are living in a top-down managed, farce of a society.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. -Desmond Tutu.