An Introduction to 911 Truth

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Consider what happened to the The North Tower on 9/11/01 for a moment.
[also see: David Chandler’s commentary on The North Tower Exploding]

How can we even imagine this massive (one acre of floor space, not counting the huge central core structures) 110-storey, highly-redundant office building, could have converted itself into dust and fragments of steel, when there were only 10-13 floors above the impact zone and gravity was, supposedly, the only thing driving the destruction? The lightest part of any building is the top, which is why the towers had tapered vertical columns, that got progressively thicker the lower down they were. At their base, the larger core columns were nearly solid. What remained & surrounding areas

1100 people that were in the towers remain unaccounted for to this day. No one has explained, or even addressed how the more than 9000 human remains still “frozen for future analysis” got so degraded (from these supposed gravity-driven collapses), that DNA analysis has been unable to identify them.

NIST’s ‘investigation’ into the destruction of the Twin Towers goes up to the point where they began to fail; what they term “conditions for collapse initiation having been reached” and want us to believe everything that followed, namely the complete destruction of both towers, was inevitable, despite the large redundancy ratios built into them.

The ‘pile driver’ theory does not match observations. Even a cursory look at the “investigations” done on 911 (FEMA, The 911 Commission Report, and NIST’s reports on the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7) shows they were investigations in name only. *see analysis by David Chandler, Jim Hoffman, Steven E Jones, Kevin Ryan, and others. *NIST is a NON REGULATORY agency of the Department of Commerce.

WTC7’s implosion, –[version II] speaks for itself: asymmetrical damage caused by office fires and localized failures, cannot possibly account for the precipitous, high-speed, symmetrical collapse that occurred. One does not need to be an engineer or architect to know what happened to these buildings. The fact that no 100% steel-framed hi-rise building has ever collapsed due to fire. In well over 100 years of building these structures and having fires in them, no steel-framed hi-rise has ever come down in that manner and not a controlled demolition. The burden of proof clearly is with anyone claiming it was anything other than a controlled demolition.

One does not need to be an architect or an engineer to know what happened to those buildings. We have a good idea what happened inside of them because we know how they came down and what remained of them afterward. Paper: The Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7 by David Ray Griffin

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“The truth hurts, but the lie is killing us.” Dr Niels Harrit